Raffle Tickets


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Here’s what you could win…


Half Price Tuition.jpg

Half Price Tuition

Because it just wouldn’t be a raffle without the possibility of winning half off next year’s tuition! Win this raffle and you’ll receive half off one child’s tuition* in the ‘19-’20 school year.

(*Pending re-enrollment)

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Street Naming Rights

This is your opportunity to stake a claim to the drive in front of Magellan. The street sign at the start of the drive will be named to your liking! Should you name it after your family? Your kids? Something your kids love? Be as creative as you’d like. But you only get 15-characters…


For him: Vasectomy + 3-month Netflix Gift Card

Bought the bag of peas, but hadn’t quite made the appointment yet? Ready to plant that “we’re done” stake in the ground? Make it official when you win a vasectomy from one of Austin’s finest Urologists, Dr. Loren Jones of Austin Urology. Because he understands, he’s throwing in a 3-month Netflix gift card so that you really can “Netflix and chill”.

1-Year of Patricia’s Lunchbox!

No more last-minute “what can I pack” lunches made at 10pm the night before school. Let Patricia’s Lunchbox do the cooking for you! Nutritious, well-balanced meals, hand-cut fruit and vegetables, dietary-restriction-friendly—and TOTALLY FREE for an entire year! Win this raffle item and let lunch be one less thing you worry about.


For Her: Let the 25-year Old Inside Come Out!

Fine lines and wrinkles aren’t the only things that show your age... Let Dr. Laurette Smith and the amazing team at Rejuvawell help you optimize your hormone levels— which will not only improve libido, but can also increase energy and vitality. You’ll also receive an “O-Shot” (click to find out more!), and an “Ultra FEMME360” procedure—a radio frequency treatment for women’s intimate health and wellness where in just eight quick, painless minutes you plump and tighten those intimate regions…